Monday, May 25, 2009

The LOST Rewatch

Lostpedia and DocArzt & Friends LOST Blog unite for the hiatus-long event, The Lost Rewatch, which starts on June 1st. Other fan sites - such as JOpinionated, Sledgeweb's Lost Stuff, Lostaholics, All About Lost, and TheJoshMeister - will regularly post (blog or podcast) about the new things they see in the earlier episodes. There will also be discussions in the forums, like the Lostpedia Forums, as well as the opportunity to edit the episode articles to reflect what has been shown or answered so far, during the re-watch.

We have a long hiatus ahead of us and many fans have started to re-watch either the series (from episode 1x01 to 5x16/17) or Season 5. Personally, I start my series re-watch in June or July, and I usually stretch it until December, when the just-finished season's DVD set comes out. Then I re-watch the most recent season in a month.

Per the Lostpedia article, the schedule for the first week, June 1st to 7th, follows:

  1. "Pilot, Part 1";
  2. "Pilot, Part 2";
  3. "Tabula Rasa";
  4. "Walkabout"; and
  5. Commentaries on the pilot episode and "Walkabout".
Therefore, the first week will cover Disc 1 of the Season 1 DVD set.

With the answers given and new questions raised in Season 5, we can look at Season 1 to 4 episodes with fresh eyes and insights. This re-watch event will help all LOST fans prepare for the final season that will begin in either January or February 2010.

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