Saturday, April 11, 2009

There's a Thief in the LOST Fandom... GET HIM!!!

Oh, this is truly horrible: Erika Olson's recaps are being used word-for-word by a YouTube LOST vlogger!!!

Last Thursday, E, one of the top LOST bloggers, told her Facebook friends and Twitter followers that she was very upset that someone "has been using [her] recaps as their own". I thought, "Who the heck would even dare do that?" E has a copyright statement at the bottom of her blog; so this guy either never scrolled down to the very bottom or ignored it. Well, according to Oxford dictionary, the word ignore means "to disregard intentionally" (the emphasis is mine). Seeing as how Seanie B reportedly brushed E off in her attempts to personally confront this thief, the best bet is that he ignored the copyright statement. I can't believe this guy has the balls to produce a LOST recap vlog (or video blog), take E's words from her own blog, read it out (or memorize it), and claim the recap as his. Whatta SCUMBAG!!!! And his fake-recaps are featured on TVGuide??? UGH!!!!

Of course, everyone who commented on her Facebook status/Twitter update suggested one, two, or all of the following:

  • Confront the thief - which she did, unsuccessfully;
  • Report him to YouTube;
  • Sue him; or
  • Sic the Smoke Monster on him.

Fortunately, DocArzt published this piece on his blog. Hopefully, this will inform the LOST fandom, and the rest of the world wide web, that original ideas are being passed of as someone else's own, and it is wrong. This is plagiarism and it's a crime, plain and simple. The fact that he refused to admit that what he's doing is wrong and criminal makes my blood boil.

I seriously wonder how this guy can live with himself, knowing that he is stealing someone else's ideas and denying that it is wrong. Shame on him!

If you think that this guy is a scumbag for plagiarizing E's work, then please spread the word through Facebook, Twitter, your own blogs or websites, and the method of communication of your choice. Also, please Digg DocArzt's article on this matter and keep it on the forefront of Digg's home page. Let us all stand up against plagiarism, among other cybercrimes.

P.S. The title of this post is NOT - I repeat, NOT - meant to encourage mob mentality and doing harm to this jerk. It is only meant to get everyone - LOST fans, anti-plagiarists, media, everyone else - to unite against this crime.

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