Sunday, April 12, 2009

Condo Hunt: Davenport and The Rockport

Two weeks ago, I had a bit of a free time and I was able to look at MLS listings. I compiled five of them and sent the list to my realtor. Shortly afterwards, my mother made an excellent point that I should choose a place that is close to everything (e.g. groceries, Shoppers Drug Mart, bank, et cetera). I know that two of the listings that I gave my realtor are located near Willowbrook Mall. So I asked her if we could just see those two.

So last Thursday afternoon, we met in front of the Davenport, which is located near the intersection of 197 Street and 69 Avenue and was built in 1997. We looked at a 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom unit on the top floor. We noted that it is a long walk from the elevator to the unit, so obviously that's a bit of an issue for me - being a single gal and all. When we entered the unit, we were instantly greeted by the sunlight coming from the huge door leading to the spacious balcony. We went out to the balcony and assessed it; the view is nice and it is, up to that point, the biggest patio/balcony I had seen. The noise from the street can be heard, but it likely won't bother me; being on the top floor helps. The unit has laminate floors - obviously not real hardwood floors, but these will do. The living room is as spacious as it can be - with the sellers' stuff in the unit, it's not quite easy to see how spacious it really is. The kitchen and eating area are decent, although there are no stainless steel appliances (the unit is 12 years old and the refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher are probably from when the building was built) and no granite countertops. Personally, as long as the appliances still work, it's fine. The mirrors they installed give the illusion that the living area is bigger than it really is, so kudos to the sellers for that. The den/office is nicely sized and bright because of the two windows in it. The bedroom at the end of the short hallway is enough - not too big, not too small - for my needs. To our surprise, the closet is quite big and has enough space for my clothes! From the bedroom, there is a door to the bathroom that can be closed/locked when there are guests. The bathroom is decent and nicely sized. I might replace some of the lighting, as well as the major appliances, but the unit isn't too bad, given the age of the building. It is well-maintained and bright. The list price is $184,900, or $249.53 per square foot. 

Then we went to The Rockport, a mere two-minute walk from Davenport. Like the other complex, it is also a low-rise building. The unit that we looked at was at the first floor, although we had to take the elevator to reach the first floor. It is the third door from the elevator, so it is much easier for me to carry the groceries, et cetera. The first room we saw was the small den/office. The built-in storage units are great and the office space is enough for me. I only hope my desk fits! The kitchen is painted with a warm green and great cabinets. Like the Davenport unit, the appliances may be as old as the building (i.e. 11 years old) and may need to be replaced further down the road. The bathroom walls and cabinetry match the kitchen, and is decently sized. Across it, the bedroom is spacious enough - the closet is as big as the one in the Davenport unit - and has dark hardwood floors - which I love (the floor for the rest of the unit is light wood)! The huge patio can be seen from the bedroom window. Really, the patio is huge! There's a covered section, and there's a garden area. That would be freakin' awesome during the summer and spring, although I have a purple thumb (this girl don't have a green thumb). My realtor did say that I can just put plants in giant pots. The sellers are also upgrading the unit while it's on the market, so kudos to them as well. Overall, the unit is well-maintained and doesn't feel like it is only 629 square feet. Anyway, the unit is selling for $178,900, or $284.42 per square foot.

The best thing about these two units? They are both close to the following:

  • Bus stop;
  • TD Canada Trust, where I bank;
  • Willowbrook Mall;
  • The Real Canadian Superstore;
  • Shoppers Drug Mart;
  • My doctor; and
  • My dentist.

Perfect location, location, location!

Now, I have decided that I am going to buy one of them. Which one? I'm not saying. I just need to pony up $20,000 for the downpayment. If only Hurley can lend me the money... Hehehehe...

Stay tuned. ;)

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