Monday, October 13, 2008

I Want A BlackBerry Storm

I love my BlackBerry Pearl. Sure, it's not as good as the Apple iPhone. It's good enough for me and my needs, though. My Pearl works well by itself, as is my iPod Nano. And then I read this review by a working mom. Now, I'm just a working girl, but her review convinced me that having an iPhone is not an absolute requirement for living.

So, when I chanced upon this Yahoo! Tech article, I was really excited. I mean, a touchscreen smartphone with the things that I love about the BlackBerry (and more) and without the need to get rid of my iPod Nano? Fantastic!

Enter the BlackBerry Storm.

Of course, it's not yet released in the US, as per Verizon Wireless's page, let alone in Canada. I checked the Rogers Wireless website - nothing.

Hopefully it'll be released anytime after 27 December; I'll be eligible for an upgrade by then.

Oohhh... I seriously want a BlackBerry Storm!!!

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