Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Freaking Out For Tomorrow!

I am starting on a new job tomorrow, 1 October.


I'm excited, nervous, happy, and just plain freaking out. Can you tell?

Anyway, I'll be doing more of the same things, but the new company is in the manufacturing industry, so many things are gonna be new to me. And none of the messiest joint venture ever created to boot! (Y'all in [insert name of my former employer here] know what I'm talking about. *Wink wink*) I think I'll be more involved and busier here too.

The best parts? It's about half an hour away by bus - probably less if I get a ride from my bro-in-law since he works a block away. What's more? I'll have earlier hours, so I can get home much earlier! When I get home from work, I can focus on my writing/blogging. Yay! Also, there's a Subway, Wendy's, and Tim Hortons nearby.

The worst part? I can't be a night owl anymore. I have to get up every morning at five, and be at the bus stop by 6:40.

Why did I leave my previous employer? Well, it's laying me (and practically the entire finance department in the Burnaby regional office) off in the new calendar year, and I didn't want to wait until then. I know how much it sucks to go job-hunting in the middle of winter. That's the main reason anyway. (Harhar)

My last day was actually kinda sad. Even if I swore not to cry, I still did. I was so emotional that night. Thank God for the white wine that one of the district managers gave me last Christmas.

But in the end, I was glad. About a week after I got the news (a day later than the rest because I was sick on the day TPTB broke the news), I felt... kinda relieved. After the shock of getting laid off, I began to feel free. I had been unhappy since the beginning of this year (don't ask me why; it's too painful to remember), and I was itching to get the heck out of there. The news of the layoffs gave me a very good reason to go job-searching.

It was pretty quick too. Two weeks after I got the news - early morning of 27 August, to be exact - I sent out resumes for three postings (those posted by recruiting agencies on behalf of the companies) I saw on Monster.ca. By afternoon of 27 August, I've gotten a response from two of them: one was a more senior position that I didn't get, and the other one was a junior position that's similar to what I've been doing in the past two years. I spoke with the recruiter two days after. Ten days after, the recruiter e-mailed me to say that the controller wanted to interview me. On 11 September, I spoke with the controller. The interview went great, with a bit of bloopers (that never runs out in my life). The recruiter e-mailed me four days after the interview to tell me that the company was offering me the job. I had some reservations about the proposed start date, because I wanted to finish my major obligations to my previous employer. I accepted the job offer later that day - 15 September - and gave notice to my former boss. I got the official offer letter three days later.

It only took 22 days, from sending the resume to faxing the signed offer letter back to the recruiter. Wow.

Anyway, I hope this new job works out for me, and that I'll stay in this company until my retirement.

Pray for me, y'all!

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