Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Todd Bertuzzi Kicks the Maple Leafs' Butt

While I was having a horrible day, Todd Bertuzzi was having a fantastic night.

He picked up three points - one goal and two assists - in Anaheim Ducks' win over the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight.

According to the game's box score page on Yahoo Sports, Bertuzzi scored his seventh goal of the season within three minutes of the first period. Then he and Ryan Getzlaf fed Anaheim's leading goal scorer, Corey Perry, the puck in the last ten minutes of the first period. Perry shot and scored! In the first four-and-a-half minutes of the third period, Bertuzzi and Getzlaf - again! - assisted in Brandon Bochenski's first goal.

Two power-play goals by Doug Weight and Chris Kunitz finished Anaheim's five-goal rout of the Leafs.


Todd Bertuzzi ended up with nearly 17 minutes of ice-time and three points - his first since coming to Anaheim.

And, oh, he ended up as the first star of the game!

As I understand, when an NHL team wins in a shutout, the goaltender usually becomes the first star. (Correct me if I'm wrong; I've only been a hockey fan for almost six years.) In this case, my favourite ex-Vancouver Canuck right winger was recognized as the first star.


Obviously, I'm a Todd Bertuzzi fan (d'oh) and I've always believed he'll go back to his butt-kicking self on ice. Hopefully there'll be more games like this.

Mwah, Bert!

(And, of course, go Canucks go!)

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