Thursday, November 22, 2007

Like You'll Never See Me Again

I wore my uncomfortable muffin-top trousers today. It's not so uncomfortable this time. Maybe I was just super bloated the first time I wore these pants.

Anyway, my usual bus didn't show up this morning. That sucks, but it was an improvement from last time when two buses didn't show up; I was an hour late for work that day. So I thought I was going to be half an hour late today, which was all right; if my workload is light today, I can leave on the same time because I have enough OT hours to cover for that half-hour. So I just waited for the bus while listening to the Take The Lead soundtrack on my brand-spankin'-new iPod nano.

Speaking of which, I saw this iPod-nano-carrying hottie today. I saw him last on October 10th, and before that, on May 24th (the day after the LOST season-three finale and a few days before my birthday - very important events this year). He looked as hot as ever, making me smile and blush despite the cold and the mild anxiety (I don't want to be late!). Except for the possibility that he's older and/or emotionally unavailable (I've had enough of such men), he totally made my day.

So the SkyTrain ride to work went smoothly. I disembarked and ran down to the bus loop. Imagine my surprise when I looked at the iPod nano clock and discovered that it was barely eight o'clock! I wasn't late! So I got in at my usual time and I can leave at four-thirty. Freakin' brilliant. I don't want to miss this other hottie that I encounter on my way home. But that's another story.

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