Thursday, September 22, 2005

JC Chasez is Tara-stricken

He's Tara-stricken

JC Chasez was trying to ditch Tara Reid all weekend, but he just couldn't shake her, our spies say. The former 'N Syncer was hiding from the ditsy disaster in the W lounge backstage at the Custo Barcelona fashion show last week, but when he dashed out to his front-row seat, who should be perched next to him but the persistent "Taradise" star.

"He knew she would be at the show, so he stayed backstage as long as he could," a snitch tells us. "It wasn't long enough."

Next night at Marquee, there was still no relief for poor Chasez. The party barnacle suctioned herself onto him. "JC got so sick of her, he just left," a spy laughs. "She was so annoying."

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