Tuesday, July 5, 2005

What Now?

I've been an official BCIT alumna for a couple of weeks now. I thought that looking for an accounting-related job would be easier than it was before I graduated.

Well, I guess I should think again.

Much to my dismay, I saw more and more employers looking for CGA students! And I don't even have my Bachelor's Degree yet! Well, a bachelor's degree isn't an entrance requirement, but still. Most of the time, a CGA enrolment is a requirement, but sometimes, it's referred to as an "asset." Asset, my foot. It's only their way of saying that I'd better be enrolled in the CGA program, or else nobody would hire me.

It sucks!

Don't get me wrong. It's not that I hate my current job. Except for a couple of people in the office, it's fine. But I REALLY want to practise accounting or else I'd forget everything that I learned.

I guess, I gotta have more faith...

Oh well...

*Taking a deep breath while eyes are closed* Whatever God knows is best for me, it'll happen in His perfect time.

And that includes every aspect of my life! Yes, including my pseudo-love-life.

I'll try to remember that. During days like these, I need a bit of a push to trust God again with my whole life.

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