Saturday, June 4, 2005

If I Don't

You know I’ve always kept my heart protected
Spending my life just building up this wall
How could I say no you hit me so unexpectedly
Like you want to prove there’s nothing I can do

I think that maybe I might be in danger
Somehow you read my mind and found me out
I don’t know which emotion’s feelin’ stranger now
‘Cause I’m afraid, but still I’m glad I stayed

I could try to fight it
Just deny it
Avoid the touch
And turn away from you or maybe
Ride it out
But if I like it is that enough
To call it love, to call it love

First of all, I never thought Carlos Santana will collaborate with JC Chasez. I may have wished it, but never in my wildest dreams did I think that it would come true.

Just when I'm reading "Every Young Woman's Battle" (a book to guide me while "guarding [my] mind, heart, and body in a sex-saturated world" which was given to me by my sister on my 22nd birthday), I come across this clip.

The temptation to forget what I just learned is so strong, it's horrible. Guarding my mind has been the biggest problem.

But I will overcome this temptation; ignore it. By God's grace and love, I will overcome this.

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