Thursday, September 9, 2010

Season and Series Premieres are Upon Us

The 2010-2011 primetime TV season started this week! Per Michael Ausiello's fall cheat sheet, here are the premiere dates I care about.

September 9th, Wednesday: The Vampire Diaries - 8 PM on The CW

September 20th, Monday:
September 21st, Tuesday:
September 22nd, Wednesday (also the sixth anniversary of Oceanic Flight 815's crash - that is, the date the LOST's pilot episode aired):
September 23rd, Thursday:
September 24th, Friday: CSI: NY - 9 PM on CBS

September 26th, Sunday: The Amazing Race - 8 PM on CBS

September 28th, Tuesday:
October 3rd, Sunday: CSI: Miami - 10 PM on CBS

Because of the excellent new shows (e.g. Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Modern Family, Cougar Town, et cetera) and creatively rocking returning shows (e.g. LOST, Fringe, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, et cetera), I had a full TV viewing schedule last year. Will it be the same this season?

This year, Mondays through Thursdays will continue to be crowded. For example, I still won't be able to watch original broadcasts of new House episodes because of HIMYM. Also, V may come back at the same timeslot as last year's, which means it will be up against The Good Wife. The Emmy-winning Modern Family will still be on the same timeslot as Criminal Minds, which means I have to wait for new episodes to air on A&E, unless Modern Family is a repeat or something. Lastly, I was relieved that FlashForward's cancellation meant that I could watch original broadcasts of new The Vampire Diaries episodes - that is, until CBS moved The Big Bang Theory to 8 PM on Thursdays.

I hope either CTV will air either series at 7 PM PDT or PST so I can watch the other at 8 PM or MuchMusic will air TVD on Fridays at 5 PM PDT or PST. Paging CTV or MuchMusic!

Because LOST has ended, Fringe is now my "main" show. That means I may actually write more decent blog posts about Fringe. Hehe. I can also study the glyph codes so I can guess the word or phrase by the end of the episodes. Maybe take notes too. Whaddya think?

*Sigh* I still miss LOST.

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