Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frogs & Princes

What do you think of Natasha Bedingfield's song, Frogs & Princes, as official title for Maybe This Time?

Here are the lyrics, copied from Natasha's website (and proofread, hehe):

The in & out of datin's got me all confused
I build up expectation, end up feelin' used
Seems everybody's into fast food, everybody's into quick
I want someone to take the time, fine dine me not rush it

Now it's nearly 7.30 I'm slippin' on a dress
I keep my fingers crossed you're not like all the rest
So when you come to pick me up come right to my door
Don't stay in ur car and beep beep the horn

Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic
You'll pick the sounds for the background to our drive into town
Baby don't be one of the traffic
Had too many nights with the wrong guys comin' up redlights

Tell me how many frogs do I have to kiss
Before I find my Prince
Before I find my Prince
All you girls that are goin' thru this
Tell 'em how it is
Tell 'em how it is

We pull up to our premiere, red carpet good
You check my coat, get my chair like I hoped u would
You're funny and your flirtin's really workin' 4 me
But where it goes from here gotta wait and see

Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic
And you'll pick the view that we kiss to make me go Ooh Ooh
But maybe it'll all turn out tragic
And u'll push 4 more back at my front door more than I'm ready for

You gotta..Tip the waiter, that's how it works
You can't skip the starter, go straight to desert
U gotta.. pop the cork..Before u taste the wine
Don't make a mad dash for the finish...
Line up in a row cos the dating game is (wooh)
We get hooked up but the real shame is
Too much connection followed by rejection
S'gonna hurt a girl till she learns her lesson

What do you guys think?
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