Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gold Canada Gold!!!

In these Olympic Winter Games, the only gold medals that really matter are the hockey golds.

Congratulations to Team Canada - women's hockey - for winning the gold!!!!

Can the men win the gold? I sure hope so! They were all watching the women's hockey gold medal game.


2 comments: said...

Canada’s women’s hockey team had an excellent tournament overall, but the way in which they celebrated their gold medal win over the United States last night was classless and trashy!

Adrienne Dinen said...

The Canadian team has apologised for the controversy their celebration caused the IOC, etc.

They themselves said they were celebrating in the dressing rooms. They thought no one else was in the building, so they stepped out on the ice to take pics. You can finds the rest of their response in this link:

Personally, I think their celebration was neither classless nor trashy. It was a gold medal, their third consecutive gold medal. They won it on home soil. Wouldn't you be over the moon if you were in their shoes?