Saturday, November 15, 2008

No BlackBerry Storm for Rogers Wireless Customers By Christmas

I was at Metropolis at Metrotown with my mom on Remembrance Day (i.e. 11 November, Tuesday) when I saw a Telus ad for the BlackBerry Storm. I thought, "What about us Rogers Wireless subscribers who are obsessed with BlackBerry?" I couldn't find anything about the Storm on the Rogers Wireless website and there are no TV spots like the Telus ones.

Now I know why. I found an article on that almost made me cry: Rogers Wireless confirmed that there will be NO BlackBerry Storm for Christmas.

"Saw your post and you’re right, the customer service representative made a mistake. As you know, I won’t comment in advance on what our holiday lineup has in store, but I can confirm it does not include the BlackBerry Storm." - Elizabeth Hamilton, Rogers Wireless Spokesperson to BGR


I am so sad! I've been waiting for the Storm for a long time. And I don't want to switch to Telus just for that.

But she did say the Storm is excluded from Rogers' holiday lineup, didn't she? She didn't say it's not going to be included in any future lineup, did she?

Ah, there's still hope. Let's wait and see...

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